Friday, July 9, 2010


Indian television surprises me everytime.....not with high quality programs but with their sheer lack of common sense or absolute disrespect to details....

I sometimes really recall the words “ Indians love to compromise” they have the “chalta hai” attitude ,it is the land of “padhe likhe fir bhi anpadh” people. No other industry I think has cashed upon better on this unpolished, gullible and compromising nature of its customers than the Entertainment Industry.

I wonder sometimes; is the audience foolish or the TV industry foolish or they think of each other as foolish ,or what??? I will illustrate a few examples that really make me say “Where are the brains in these people?” when I watch these TV programs or commercials. I would like to start with the my most hated part... You all must have seen that these days the female cast in soap operas are all so well dressed in heavily embroidered and embellished sarees , laden with all the gold that used to be locked up in the Gold reserves during mercantilism...even as they are cooking or drying chillies on the insipte of being so tip top all the time there will always be a scene ,when their husbands come and tell them .. "Arey tum abhi tak tayyar nahi hui? Chachaji k ghar nahi jana kya?” Now somebody tell me if a 50kg gold zari saree and 20kg gold jewellery is not Tayyar hona then what is???????? Next, everytime someone in a serial is conniving against someone else they will speak of their evil plan so loudly that someone standing behind them will surely hear it and instead of sneaking away with that secret and saving the soul being plotted against he will declare- “ main tumhare plan ko kabhi kamiyaab nahi hone dunga ...main abhi police ko phone lagata hu” I mean why would someone declare that aloud right in front of the culprit? Why? Even better....the heroine is being chucked out of the house and the vamp is making all sorts of evil expressions on her face....Nobody and I mean not a single soul ever notices the look on the vamp’s face??

Then we have our ever so entertaining news channel.....with such wonderful special programmes – 1.“Kya Shani Maharaj Aapse Gussa Hain?” 1 HOUR SPECIAL..... 2. “Rahul Dulhaniya le jayenge but Dhoni to leja chuke” .... 3. “ 2012 Dharti ka ant” 4.”Jyotish Octopus batayenge FIFA ka Bhagya” 5."Aishwarya ka badha vajan..kya hai koi kush khabri?" etc etc etc.................. I don’t understand...News channels have everything except news.

Oh then there are some very nonsensical TV commercials....The fisrt is of some soap....where a dad is playing with a baby and throwing him into the air..the baby refuses to come down as the dad has body odour...ok now the baby remains hanging in the air ..while the dad rushes to take a bath...wen he returns the baby comes down...now1. Why did he go for a bath couldn’t he use a deo? 2.How can the baby be suspended in air for so long if he is neither Chris Angel nor David Blaine. Ok ,next I will discuss another dumb add ...the MDH ad..Why is “Mr. Old Man MDH” always there in the ad? Why?

Then there are so many other things one can point all must have got so many other such examples ...there are countless...but everytime I come across such specimen shows or ads I just ask myself ...."Where are the brains of these people who thought of them...who produced them...who directed them and most of all who like them and love watching them."