Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Size Zero- Isn’t that the latest trend? Then why does the world keep mocking me for being one. I’m really skinny I know , but when I am comfortable in my skin why do other people have to bother.I never go around telling them about their bulging tummies, their “mature for their age” looks, their wrinkles and their increasing waist sizes ,then why I don’t understand are they so concerned about me? I think they are jealous!!! :) Well I hear comments like.-“Hold on to something the wind will blow you off” or “you are so thin I think you’ll fall if I blow at you” or “why don’t you eat ,you really need to” or “I’m sure you shop at the kids section at the garments store” or “you look terminally ill” “You are really 23?????” or “ I think that bag (about a kg or two) “is too heavy for you etc etc. Although I take everything with a pinch of salt and maybe mock myself at times but I do all that because I can’t control their tongues so I’d rather control my reactions to what they say. I have become used to such derogatory remarks but yes sometimes it does hurt. I don’t know why thin people are stereotyped as weak. I just don’t know. Once I walked into an interview and the first question that the panellist asked me was- “So Swati did you have lunch?” I said that I did. Then they said- “but you look weak”. To which my instant reply was “I am thin not weak”. While they appreciated my reply I thought to myself –“how can people like them with such major stereotypes make unbiased and fair selection.

I have been skinny all my life but I eat as much as other girls of my age (actually I can eat all I want without worrying about becoming fat), I wear clothes from normal adult section,maybe a small size , I am more energetic than them ,and most of all I look younger than my actual age. I don’t see anything wrong in that. If people think being thin is equivalent to being weak then I would like to put some facts before them. I have 100% attendance in almost all my trimesters .I have attended various nature camps without falling ill, I have won prizes for marching in the hot North India sun when other girls (healthy ones)of my group were fainting from the heat. I was among the first few to reach the top of the hill when the college went for outbound training and I am very capable of picking heavy loads when the healthy people start panting at a small load and need porters. I think the people who mock me for being thin are those who want to be like me but have failed at their attempts( grapes are sour) or they are those insensitive sadistic people who derive pleasure from mocking other .Either one. But no matter how their tongue works I would like to remain in my supermodel figure and not change it just because some people don’t like it. I would tell all the people who mock thin people that mocking always hurts not only the one who is being mocked but also you as it reveals your insecurity of being out of shape. Learn to appreciate people for who they are and don’t judge a book by its cover.


(I’m sorry to the readers if the post sounds harsh in anyway. Kindly acknowledge the feelings behind it and the my pain of being mocked for something beyond my control-The way I look)


  1. I know u r not weak, u r tooooooooo strong. well said

  2. very innovative way of giving away your age ;),
    well written,I am sure ya made the point clear but then you know how christiets are they really dont read a lot do they ? ;)

  3. hey a very nice write up i must say..........
    keep writing..hoping to hear more from u.....

  4. Nice way to went out I'd say. Very true and well written. So since you can write both formal and informally, I say why not write here regularly?

    And the healthy point is amazing. We live in a superficial world... this point is very nicely highlighted :)

    Take care, remain slim and fit :)

  5. swati did u get tired writing this post???hehe..
    nicely written :)

  6. nice post....!!! d best thing bout d post which i liked d most is..APPRECIATE OTHERS...everyone is not perfect but everybody is special in some or d other way..accept it..appreciate it...!!!

    GOOD ONE..!!!