Friday, June 25, 2010

Are you a good pencil?????

Dr.Fr. Augustine ,Chancellor of ,Christ University gave a wonderful message on the occasion of the 40th Annual Alumni Meet (January 2010) that I would like to share......I don’t know whether this is his original thought or not but he drew an analogy between a pencil and a human being. He beautifully highlighted similarities between humans and a pencil to bring out some points that we all should keep in mind.


He said...We all are like pencils...because....

In order to get the best of our skills we need to undergo pain. People around us will test us and try us in every way but that is the process of our sharpening, just a like pencil needs to be sharpened in order to get a pointed tip.

How we look from the outside carries no value if our core (the values that we are built on ) is not strong... just like no matter how beautiful the pencil maybe ,it will be of no use if the graphite lead in its core is weak .

He said as we use and share our skills with others our physical and mental ability may diminish but we would have increased someone else’s knowledge just as a pencil keeps on becoming shorter with use but the person who uses it gains knowledge

Whatever a we do is not the end all and we should not think that we are the best and always correct. Someone better than us can always exist and make everything we did seem meaningless in comparison to his work, just like whatever is written by a pencil can be erased and be rewritten on.

And last but not the least we cannot say that we are almighty and self sufficient...we would always need a guide, a friend and a mentor to help us get the best out of us, just like how and what a pencil writes depends upon the person who holds it.

This comparison is so simple but so deep in meaning...I can never forget this story ...and it would be unfair if I don’t share it with you all....Please do remember it always.

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  1. Beautiful comparison. Nice thought.

    It can't be original though :P Even I thought the same thing :D